Punjab lies in North West corner of the country with subtropical climate having 400-1000 mm annual rainfall concentrated in the months of July-October & soil pH ranges of 7.5 - 8.5. The state is called the granary of India. With shrinking profits in the post green revolution era, the state has recently started shifting swiftly to its high value segment horticulture with 4.83 % of total cropped area with 12.43% contribution of Horticultural GDP to the Agricultural produce.

The main aim of this department is to provide technical know-how for increase in yield as well as production in limited area available for horticulture produce, to create awareness regarding high value horticulture crops among farmers, with main focus on crop diversification. This department acts as the bridge among the farmers and the scientific community so as to enhance income by best management practices.

Presently, area under Horticultural crops in Punjab State is 380750 ha. out of which 86670 ha. is under Fruits, 273250 ha. is under Vegetables, 2100 is under Flowers and 18730 ha. is under Spices and Aromatic crops.

The Department provides subsidy / other available facilities to the marginal as well as landless farmers on priority basis so that they can increase their income by adopting horticulture.

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